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This fully searchable database contains over 5,000 summaries of scholarly and popular literature on the health and well-being of males ages 10 through 24. Each summary includes an embedded link to the original source material.

This is the first time that literature about the health related needs of this population has been cataloged in a searchable data base. Each of the documents in the database is searchable by keyword or phrase. We are providing this resource for researchers, health care providers, parents, educators, young males themselves, the media and policymakers who have an interest in promoting the health and well-being of these youth.


The foundation for this database is the Partnership's Weekly News Roundup (WNR), which has been published continuously on a weekly basis since 2013. The database will be continually updated with new issues of the WNR as well as other publications PMY may release.

To begin your search of the entire database in PDF viewer, jump to the Search page. Once there you will find directions on how to conduct a search within the viewer. Printable PDF and Word versions of the database are also available on that page.

Have a great search!

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